My Desert Island Stuff

The general knowledge of time on the island depends curiously enough, on the direction of the wind. ~ John Millington Synge
I had a crappy day from the minute the alarm went off until I finally shipped the little G’s to bed. I thought it would cheer me up a little to list what I would need to have if I was stuck on a desert island.
1. Ian Somerhalder.  Mmmmmmmm. There ought to be a law against that much yumminess in one person.


If Ian was off gathering branches to fan me with, I would also want:

2. Almond Joys
3. Peanut Butter and a spoon
4. “The Shawshank Redemption” movie and DVD player 
5. The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost – AWESOME!
6. Some pretty paper and pictures to scrapbook with when I’m not too busy being adored by Ian.
7. Word Find puzzles
8. My fuzzy socks so I’m not cold laying in the hammock at night
9. My teddy bear from when I was born
10. A cat
11. If I can only have 1 thing, then please refer to #1.

And just so you all know….Ian and I are meant to be. He is rumored to play Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie….and my blog is called Yay More Grays! See???? Don’t burst my bubble….my day is almost over and I can have this one little nugget, can’t I? Pretty please?

And if you’re worried….Mr. G has a celebrity crush of his own, and we agree that when they come to town, we can go off with them with no argument from the other. So can someone let Ian’s peeps know? Thanks!


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