Morning Already?

“I’d like mornings better if they started later.”
~ Anonymous

Whoever said that, should really take credit because I think that’s the best phrase ever since whoever said, “Peanut butter must be mixed with chocolate or marshmallow.”

Mr. G and Little G #2, (to now be known as Bird since we are Orioles fans and he likes to run around flapping his arms when he’s excited and looks like he could take off any minute), even though they are cute and I love them more than anything, are the weirdos who can jump out of bed with a minimum amount of sleep and be waving their arms in the air going “Woooohoooo, another day!!!!!! Let’s get started.” Every. Stinking. Day. Blech.

Me? Leave me alone in my snuggly cocoon of layered blankets and a warm furry body purring beside me as long as possible. But unfortunately, I chose a career that required I be vertical at an ungodly hour, and unfortunately again, Peanut shares my hatred of mornings. ALL mornings, weekdays or weekends.

This morning Mr. G went golfing at the crack of dawn to avoid the humidity we’ve suddenly got. Peanut slept late, which for this family is 9:00 AM. Bird is watching TV downstairs. As soon as he sees me his morning chatter starts. Today because I am a little more awake than normal this is ok. Bird is 7 and still thinks I am the most amazing person he knows, and is constantly wanting to “snuggie” on the couch. So as we’re snugging, he decides he wants to help me make an om-in-net for him. (Translation: omelet. :))

So we start cooking and he’s so happy to be cracking the eggs and getting the pan out and bustling around like Emeril, and it’s really hard to be grumpy at him at this early hour because he is just SO cute! Then Peanut comes stomping downstairs.

Although Bird has been in the family for 7 years, he forgets that the females in the house don’t share his excitement for the new day, and says to Peanut, “hey Peanut I’m helping Mommy make breakfast and she’s making me an om-in-net and it will be yummy do you want one too because I’m helping Mommy make om-in-nets!”

Peanut: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with an additional evil eye at him for emphasis.)

Bird: Well do you want a waffle? I can make that for you.


While I am used to this early morning type of outburst, it is usually directed at me so my jaw is on the floor but Bird just ignores her and gets the toaster out and gets her waffle ready.  Yay Bird. I wish he could teach me how to do that because I usually get pissed off and yell at her which really does nothing but make things worse.

Apparently food helps her feel slightly better so after she eats 1 waffle (really 4 little ones stuck together) Bird asks if she wants another one. This time she just mumbles at him, which I guess in sibling talk means yes because Bird stops eating and makes her one. And she eats it without a nasty comment!

So then we get ready to go to Bird’s karate class, and the grumpies return until around 10:30. Peanut is sitting next to me and suddenly says, “Mommy, look at my new wallpaper on my Ipod. It makes the apps look like food boxes! Isn’t that cute????”

Guess her mornings start at 10:30. Lucky dog.


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