Must be Mom’s Fault

“If at first you don’t succeed, blame your parents.”
~ Marcelene Cox

Here are 10 things that if you ask my family, they will imply it is my fault that they are broken, empty, missing, fill in the blank here, even if I’m elsewhere writing my blog and minding my own business yet sharing it on the internet.

  1. The remote for the TV in the family room is missing.
  2. There is no clean underwear or socks.
  3. The toy Bird and/or Peanut haven’t touched for 6 months isn’t where they left it the last time they played with it.
  4. The soda bottle wasn’t closed properly so now the soda is flat.
  5. The empty box on the counter didn’t know how to write itself on the grocery list so it wasn’t bought on grocery day.
  6. The garbage disposal/toilet is clogged.
  7. There are crumbs on the counter.
  8. Peanut and Bird “were never told” that they needed to behave nicely and respectfully so they didn’t know.
  9. We are “out of” [insert item here] because it wasn’t put away in the same spot so it can’t be seen/found.
  10. An important moment on a tv show was missed due to kitchen noise/talking/slipper shuffling/breathing.

Don’t blame me, I just live here.


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