Currently Catless

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”
~ Sigmund Freud

I’m laying in bed with my laptop on my lap, Peanut and Bird are in bed, the windows are open and things seem great. But then I realize there is no furry body curled up next to me stealing the warmth from my laptop. And that isn’t great.

I’ve had cats for as long as I can remember, even my nickname in college was Kat. If I had a choice I would always choose a cat. It’s been almost 7 months since I became completely catless, yet it seems like so much longer. I still find myself calling for them when I come home and looking for them in their spots.

Murphy was my baby and I was hers. If I wasn’t around she would settle for someone else’s lap, but only until I came back, then she was over with me instantly. She was 17 when her health failed, once I noticed the signs it seemed like only minutes until I said goodbye, almost 2 years ago.

Mr. X was Mr. G’s cat, even though I had adopted him and Mr. G wasn’t too fond of the idea of having two cats when we became a serious couple. Maybe that’s why! That darn cat practically fawned over Mr. G and would bat at me when I walked by! He was 16 when he went to the Rainbow Bridge in February, we think he had cancer but I couldn’t bear to find out for sure. He got worse very quickly too.
Picture 005
We will have another cat, hopefully very soon. I need another cat. But in the meantime I am volunteering at the SPCA so I can get my “cat fix” and give other cats some attention and much needed love. And they can help me be happy even though I’m currently catless.


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