Goodbye Mr. W.

“Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.”
~Andy Rooney
I was planning to write about tomorrow being picture day, and how Peanut announced 2 minutes before bedtime she had nothing that suited or fit her because we don’t take her to Aeropostale like everyone else’s parents. But I read something sad today, and it is gnawing at me, begging to be let out. When that happens, I won’t have any rest until I express it.  So I’m sorry readers, but Peanut will have to wait.
I was quickly scanning thru the newspaper when I saw Mr. W., in the place of the paper where you don’t want to see pictures of people you know. I said “oh no, not Mr. W!!!” and hoped it really wasn’t him. Oh but it was. A great man taken too soon by cancer. I had seen him somewhere recently, I can’t remember where but we had a nice chat. I thought he didn’t look that much older, though of course he was, and I thought he looked great for his age. And now, he’s gone.
Mr. W. was a science teacher, and the kind of teacher everyone talked about and wanted to get. He had all kinds of stuff everywhere in his classroom….stuff that boys thought was extremely cool and stuff that girls thought was extremely disgusting. His was the class where we dissected everything from worms to pigs to cats, and he didn’t have any parts of any of our excuses to not dissect these things. We were expected to do it. And we did it because he had our respect from the first minute of class and we didn’t want to let him down.
But you know, it was gross to the girls, but he was there joking with us and telling us funny stories about his life and we kind of forgot what we were doing, and before we knew it the bell rang and we’d have to leave, and we’d be upset to leave our mummified piglets until the next day!
I have been out of high school a long time, but I still remember Mr. W’s science class like it was yesterday. I can’t remember the exact number of teachers I’ve had up thru graduate school, but I can remember the ones who made a difference in how I felt about a subject. I was a nerd and liked school, but having a teacher like Mr. W. made me want to learn more and try harder with subjects I wasn’t too good at or interested in.
I am glad to have known you Mr. W. I hope you are finding many cool though disgusting things that would be worthy to put on your classroom wall in Heaven.

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