Never Forget

“We will never forget. We stand united.”
~Anyone, Everyone

I wish I could forget. But something like this, I don’t know how you could forget.

I was at work, under a deadline, when the radio station broke in and announced that a plane had hit the first tower. Then another update. Then a third. Then a fourth! What on earth was going on? When would it stop???

There weren’t any tvs at work and we couldn’t go online to watch the videos, so I was anxious to get home to watch the news and learn what had happened. I wish I hadn’t been so anxious. I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant with Peanut and after I watched a half hour of footage I couldn’t bear to watch any more. Mr. G watched it all night, why or how I still don’t know.

I wrote in my journal that I was afraid for my baby, what kind of world am I bringing a baby into?? If this could happen, what would happen in her lifetime?  She will never know the freedoms I had growing up, but at least she still has people fighting for her right to BE free, whatever that may mean as evil tries to overcome. Thank you to those who sacrificed it all, and those who continue to sacrifice to keep our nation free. We stand behind you. We will never forget!

This is a scrapbook page I made. We were at an Orioles game and someone had decorated their motorcycle  like the American flag and had written Never Forget and all the flight names. It was beautiful.IMG_6975


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