Would You Take a Nickel for That?

“I’ve never had a yard sale, ever, in my life. I don’t know if I ever thought about stuff I would get rid of.”
~Will Ferrell

So we’re having a yard sale this weekend. We are not like Will Ferrell, we’ve had many yard sales. And once you have kids and their kidless uncle buys the biggest, noisiest toys that were made by other kidless men, you do think about stuff you would get rid of. A lot.

We usually do Friday and Saturday yard sales because….shocking parenting admission coming….we can get rid of a lot of things that Peanut and Bird do not want us to get rid of, even though they haven’t looked at or thought of it for 6 months or more.  But the second it’s on a table outside, their radar perks up and we have screams of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not the Ice Age Happy Meal toy that doesn’t do anything!!!!!! How can you sell it????? We hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To which we reply, “You’re right. we shouldn’t sell it because it’s stupid. We’ll just put it in the free box.”

Which brings me to my point. Apparently people think that even though you are already losing 98% of the value just by selling used stuff, you should willingly give up another 1.5% so that THEY can get a great deal and have more money to go buy other people’s used stuff.

yard saleSo I have a bunch of little G clothes, and they’re all $1 per piece. I think that’s pretty reasonable, and it makes things easy for me to add in my head so it’s a win-win for everyone. So a woman picks about 10 items and asks me if I would take $1 for all of them. I know what she’s doing but I say, “yes, it’s $1 for each piece.” She patiently tells me she wants to pay $1 for all of the items. I tell her sorry, no and wonder to myself what planet she came from where she thinks that’s a reasonable offer.

So woman informs me I’m crazy, and that all these clothes are made in China anyway, so they’re not worth $1 so why should she pay that much per piece? I said well the last time I checked we weren’t in China and if she had a problem with my freedom to charge what i wanted for my clothes she didn’t have to buy anything at all.

Of course Mr. G was looking at me like I had sprouted 2 more heads because I am not usually one to be so outspoken (aka rude) but I just couldn’t help myself! I go to yard sales and I usually haggle too, but it’s usually an offer that is .50 or a $1 less, something reasonable to play the yard sale game. I don’t try to buy 1 get 9 free!

Now had she asked me about the drum set Uncle G got Bird…..


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