Turns Out I’m Psychic

“Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.”
~Sophia Loren
Mr. G’s sister and her husband own a pizza shop, and every couple weekends when we don’t feel like cooking we’ll head over to the shop. Awesome food, we get a family discount, and we have no dishes to clean up!
For some reason Peanut no longer likes pizza. Perhaps because I ate it nearly every day I was pregnant with her, but not everything can possibly be MY fault! Besides that was ages ago. So she usually gets spaghetti when the other Gs are eating pizza.

Image courtesy of Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

She took a couple bites and I said, “I heard that people with braces don’t like to eat spaghetti because it feels weird and gets stuck everywhere and it’s a huge hassle. Maybe next time you should order something else until you get more used to having them.”
Peanut: “Nah, I usually don’t have any problems.”
Then she starts moving her mouth around and rubbing her fingers all around her teeth. Apparently I jinxed her and the spaghetti felt weird and had gotten stuck everywhere! Now I know she was thinking, “Thanks a lot Mom! You had to go ahead and tell me your stupid thing you heard!” But in the preteen world you don’t ever admit that what you’ve said to your mother is wrong, so she chewed it up the best she could, used her fingers like toothpicks after every bite and mumbled that she’d probably brush her teeth when we got home, which I pretended I didn’t hear.
Maybe that’s the problem, she’s chewing it and not sucking it up like a vacuum. Oh well, she can figure it out, I can see the winning Powerball numbers in my future and need to get my ticket. Guess I’ll have to buy more toothbrushes too.

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