Shhh, My Other Daughter is Talking

“I suppose I don’t hear things, but I listen, if you know what I mean. And there is a big difference between hearing and listening….”
~Evelyn Glennie

The other night Peanut was in a happy mood as I was saying goodnight. No that really isn’t a typo! She asked me if I blogged that night. I said yes, as a matter of fact, I wrote something called Birds Should Be Banned as a response to another blog saying I needed to end my post with “He tried to hit me with a forklift!” and it kind of made sense in the context of my blog.

Peanut says nothing but arches an eyebrow and curls her upper lip. It’s her “Mom is trying to be funny but is really just being weird but I’ll pretend I’m interested” face. At least she doesn’t say this out loud, but since I have 11 years of experience with her in my life I have learned to decipher her faces.

So of course like the good mom I am, I pretend I don’t see this face and remind her that her brother is Bird, and that this blog post was about all the reasons why he makes her life miserable. Well of course this gets her attention because now we are back to talking about her favorite subject, how annoying Bird is.

Peanut: Well, what are the reasons????

I list them and she is actually nodding as if she is keeping track in her head and pleased that I have been listening to her. Then she says with a slightly smug look, “Well that’s about right, but I didn’t say them like that. I wasn’t SO rude about it.”

As my Angel Mom always said to her only child, “It must have been my other daughter I heard.” I almost said this to Peanut, but figured she was no longer listening, but probably counting sheep holding signs with more reasons Bird annoys her. Could a field even hold that many sheep?

Image courtesy of Simon Howden /

Image courtesy of Simon Howden /


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