Please Follow Through on that Threat!

“Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.”
~Phyllis Diller

Peanut was mad at me the other day. I know, I shouldn’t shock you like that when you just settled down to read today’s story. I think I did something really hateful like tell her she couldn’t stay up until 10 on a school night to watch an episode of “Good Luck Charlie” that she already saw 100 times or some other unforgivable thing.

So anyway, I was refusing to give in and give her what she wanted so she tried a different tactic, threatening me.

Peanut: Mom (never Mommy when she’s mad) I’m mad at you!

Me: Oh? I couldn’t tell.

Peanut: Yeah. So when Crush #50 and I get married, I’m not going to come over and have snack while we watch TV. AND I’m not going to bring my laundry over either.

Me: Oh? Really? I’m sorry, how is that a punishment again????

This only serves to make Peanut madder and she scowls at me and says, “Well, THAT was RUDE!!!!”

Me: It was? Really? Sorry you feel that way. (Oh how she loves that phrase!!)

Peanut: Fine, I’m not even going to wait until we get married, I’m going to run away NOW!!!!

Me: Great, I’ll help you pack!

Peanut: MOM!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I’m guessing she said that last part. I was in the garage looking for a stick and a bandana to wrap her stuff in. Plus I was wondering what I could do to make Mr. G and Bird mad enough so they would run away too and I would have the house to myself.


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