BINGO was NOT our Name-o!

~ Mostly everyone in the fire hall last weekend

My last post talked about Peanut’s Hurtful Words because she was mad at me (that’s surprising!), and how I was upset by those words even though I know I shouldn’t take anything she says personally. We were supposed to go play American Girl Doll Bingo on Sunday and I was thinking about not going as a punishment.

I was going with my scrapbooking friends for a few hours and called Peanut out of her room to say see ya later. She apologized for what she said without being prompted, and seemed like she was about to cry when I told her that she hurt my feelings. So just like that the Bingo game was back on! The moods of mothers and preteens are like the weather during the season changes, if you don’t like the current conditions, just wait 2 minutes!

This was a fundraiser, for someone’s birthday instead of a party with gifts, with all benefits going to the American Cancer Society. She has been doing this for three years and has raised over $10,000 dollars!!! Way to Go!!!

With the coveted prizes of 18 American Girl Dolls and 2 Bitty Baby American Girl Dolls, you can imagine the chaos of 200 hopeful young girls and their mothers!

If you’ve ever played Bingo you’ll know that there are some serious players out there, that have to arrange their numerous bingo markers and snacks a certain way, And there are etiquette rules too, more than I can possibly write in one post! Peanut was taking it all in with an amused look.

So the bingo man explains the rules and reminds us that only people older than dirt (or 18) can call Bingo and we start! Seems like 30 seconds later and someone yells Bingo! Ok, only the first game, and not the doll Peanut really wants anyway so no worries. We’ve got 19 games yet!

Half an hour after we start we are already halfway done! What the $*$*???? Not that I minded being freed from the bingo hall earlier than planned, but geez at least let me enjoy my warm fuzzy feelings for donating to a great cause for a little longer!

Then….someone sitting across from us won! Then someone else at our table won!!! YES! We’ve got to be lucky too! Peanut kept saying she only needed 1 or 2, I kept saying I only needed 4 or 5! And Peanut and I were laughing, and for the 90 minutes it took to play 20 games and never yell Bingo and have 500 door prizes go to someone other than either of us, we were enjoying being together!

So Bingo was not our name-o, but for a little while Peanut forgot that everyone in her world is annoying and was happy. I’ll take that over an American Girl Doll, or any prize, any day.

Don't forget the Free Space!!

Don’t forget the Free Space!!


2 thoughts on “BINGO was NOT our Name-o!

  1. I’m so glad that you and your daughter had a great time! You are braver than I, for sure. That many games? Whew! 🙂

    I like the idea behind the games though. What a great way to celebrate a birthday and raise money for a great cause.

    • well if it would have been a “normal” (really old) bingo caller, I’m sure we would have approached the level of too much time together, but luckily the young caller must have had a date or football game to watch. 🙂

      From what I understand, this was entirely the daughter’s idea from the first time! Sad that cancer has touched her so deeply but it’s nice she is making a difference!

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

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