What’s That Noise?

“You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.”
~Stephen King

I think I have to take Peanut to the doctor.  A little while ago she looked funny and was making an extremely unusual noise.

The boys went to a car race so I decided to take her for some frozen yogurt. As we ate our huge cups of yogurt she was chatting about crush #67 at the bowling alley and how she and her teammates were rating this boy on a scale of 1 ewww gross to 10 Prince Charming. As she’s telling me this she’s acting out how she asked her friends what they thought, wriggling her eyebrows and glancing to the side like the boy is beside us. One friend said 8.5, one said 10 and she said 9 but I’m sure she meant to go higher but didn’t want me to start the lecture how she’s too young to talk about boys like that.

Other than the wiggly eyebrows, she still looked and sounded normal. However, that was about to change. A morbidly obese man and a less obese woman came into the store and got some yogurt. As they were leaving the man said, “Eating marshmallows made me fat.” After they left Peanut said, “Did he really just say that??? That must have been a LOT of marshmallows!!!”

I of course said, “PEANUT SHELL G!!!!! That’s extremely rude of you!” but I just couldn’t keep my tone stern or my face straight. And that’s when she started making the strange noise. The more I tried to reprimand her the more I laughed which made her condition worse. Could this be “cracking up?” Since I have never made her laugh so hard I was concerned that something else was wrong with her!

Before the haters flame me, we do not permit our children to make fun of people for any reason and expect them to be respectful and mannerly, especially in public. If they are not, they do have consequences. In the car I did remind Peanut that we don’t ever make fun of people for any reason, that we need to be respectful because we don’t know the situation or reason that makes people different, and sometimes people can’t help how they look. She said she knows and understands, and she wouldn’t have laughed at him if he hadn’t said anything about marshmallows.

So that was what that strange noise was. Glad I found that out before I paid a copay!


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