I Guess Not Everyone Loves the 80s

“My favorite music is ’80s music which drives people around me crazy. I really love it.”
~Michael Buble

Yes, I grew up in the 80s, I admit it.  I had bangs, neon everything, gummy bracelets, coke bottle glasses, a yellow Sony Walkman, and pictures of Rick Springfield and Duran Duran all over my room! Ahhh good times. 🙂

Aren't I all that? I thought so!

Aren’t I all that? I thought so!

So I’m in heaven every Friday, not only because it’s Friday and I will soon have 2 glorious days away from Crazy Boss, but because it’s Flashback Friday on one of the radio stations I listen to. They play 80s music ALL DAY EVERY FRIDAY!!!!

When it’s not Friday, this station is a pop music station that plays a lot of stuff that Peanut and Bird like, and they call it the “kid’s channel.” So last Friday we were going to get a donut, a tradition that Mr. G. started with them long ago, and which will likely be a future post subject since I neglected to follow the tradition this week and got reminded that I am so UNFAIR and ANNOYING!

Anyway, here’s what happened last Friday.

Peanut: Can you please put the kid’s channel on?
Me: It IS on!!!
Peanut: What? No this is weird stuff.
Me: No, it’s Flashback Friday!!!! They play stuff from the 80s, when I grew up. It’s AWESOME stuff!

Silence from Peanut. But that’s ok because “Don’t Talk to Strangers” is on.

Me: This was the guy everyone liked when I was your age!!!! Oh now he was hot!

And then I start singing….”Why don’t you tell me someone is loving you, cause you’re my girl, some say it’s no longer true, you’re seeing some slick continental dude, I’m begging you, please…don’t talk to strangers, baby don’t you talk don’t talk to strangers, you know he’ll only use you up…!”

More silence from Peanut only this time she’s got her nasty smell face. Then she says: This is AWFUL!

Which of course makes me sing even louder because 1. it’s a great song and she just doesn’t seem to be hearing it properly, and 2. because I’m annoying her on purpose and that gives me a little happiness.

When we get home she is very relieved that she no longer has to listen to the awful stuff I call music. I don’t really care because General Hospital will be on soon.


2 thoughts on “I Guess Not Everyone Loves the 80s

  1. My kids have “our music” for the pop station. There is a station that we listen to that is all request so it is a big mix of music types. Purple Rain came on, I started singing, and got “this is terrible music”

    They will learn to appreciate it all one day. I know I didn’t care too much for what my parents listened to as I was growing up but now I love some of it.

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