I Must be Crazy

“If a secret history of books could be written, and the author’s private thoughts and meanings noted down alongside of his story, how many insipid volumes would become interesting, and dull tales excite the reader!”
~William Makepeace Thackeray

Happy November 1! Where on earth did this year go? Only 13 days until I’m almost halfway thru my current decade….woohoo! not.

Anyway, we can discuss that later, maybe. In honor of November 1, which also happens to be Author’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to join the NaBloPoMo Blog challenge! 30 posts for 30 days. Plus I was thinking I would try to write an e-book. Plus I have my client interviews and product descriptions to write. Plus I have 2 full-time jobs, one I get paid for in US currency, one I get paid for in love and gray hairs. Plus my kitchen counter is completely covered with newspapers, school papers, Halloween candy and other piles of crap that I didn’t feel like dealing with when they entered my house.  Plus mountains of laundry….

So yeah, I’ve got a lot going on, but I have awakened my inner author, and she is ready to get busy and get to opening that door leading out of the office!! I hope you’ll enjoy this month.  Let me know how I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “I Must be Crazy

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  2. I have piles of laundry to fold, and piles more to wash, plus piles of papers, resume to write, find a job, empty a warehouse from my previous business, oh my tons to do is an understatement. AND I signed up for NaBloPoMo too, on the heels of NaBloWriMo.
    Embrace the chaos.
    Glad to be a new follower.

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