At Least They’re Polite About It

“No thank you.”
~ the G children in response to us telling them to go outside, it’s nice out.


I’ll just enjoy the outside from inside.

Today is a typical PA fall day with mild temps in the high 60s and a slight breeze. Everyone is free from the confines of the office or the schools, free to be outside just enjoying the day. When I was Peanut’s age, as soon as I was up and dressed I’d be outside on the weekends, and would find something to do ALL DAY.

Yeah, it was a different time then, and I was generally safe unless I did something by my choice that made me risk hurting myself. But I just don’t understand why they are so reluctant to go outside, especially when we won’t have that many more days where we can spend time outside without needing lots of heavy layers.

Here are the arguments we hear:

  • There’s nothing to do. (Even though they have bikes, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, footballs, bubbles, etc.)
  • There’s no one to play with. (I guess they each become invisible when they are outside together.)
  • You guys NEVER come out to play with us. (I guess Mr. G plays football with the neighbor kids. I guess I take walks with my other children.)
  • It’s boring outside. (Please see the first 2 bullet responses.)
  • Our friends might call us. (I guess the cordless phones don’t work outside.)
  • It’s not going to be a long enough time to play. (Would it ever be long enough in kid thought?)
  • There are bugs outside. (Better out than in!)
  • You’re so MEAN to make us go outside when we don’t want to!! Who cares about fresh air and exercise????
  • No thank you, we’ll just stay in our rooms.

So then at 6:15 tonight when it will be dark at 6:16 they’ll ask to go outside and will have mostly the same arguments when we say no, it’s getting dark and it’s too cold now.

Maybe Mr. G and I should just sit on the porch all day so we won’t have to listen to their silly arguments. As long as I don’t see any spiders.


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