Well Someone Has to Lose!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? COME ON! *!@#$#$^!!!!”
~Men watching their sports team lose

No Losing Allowed!

No Losing Allowed!

It’s Saturday afternoon so that means college football is on. Mr. G is watching Penn State get hammered. And yelling at the TV, because he thinks the players and referees can hear him, but are ignoring him, which just makes Mr. G even madder.

I have learned to do something somewhere else in the house if Penn State or anyone else he likes is losing because then at least I won’t get my head bit off just because 1. I am talking when the announcers say something IMPORTANT for the 20th time (as if I knew that when I walked in) and 2. because his team isn’t playing right (aka winning.)

I fully understand #1. EVERYONE in this house is very good at announcing some tidbit that just can’t wait 30 seconds at the worst possible TV moment time! Yes I agree that is extremely frustrating that now I have to figure out how to rewind live TV or rewind just a little of the DVR to hear what was said.

However, I don’t understand #2. Why is it my fault they are playing like idiots? Am I secretly a coach making thousands of dollars a game and I never knew it???? Did I really join a Quarterback club instead of a writing group???? I guess it’s a man thing and I just wouldn’t understand. Not sure I want to, or could. Who cares? Someone has to lose!

Maybe technology will actually be able to allow the players to hear the menfolk’s comments someday and they could yell and curse back. Now THAT I would know to be quiet for!


5 thoughts on “Well Someone Has to Lose!

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  2. oh I think you have it better with sports than I do with Fox News. UGH I can’t stand when hubby watches that, and then talks to the TV like they will respond. And then I get to hear all about it again, later wehn he wants to talk about health insurance or some crap the newsheads won’t shut up about. ugh.

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