Even Leaving her Alone is Annoying

“Sometimes siblings can get in each other’s space.”
~Gisele Bundchen

I was planning to write about how proud I was of myself because I wrote “Clean off kitchen counter” on my weekend to-do list, and I actually did it! And I didn’t do my usual “stuff it all into a plastic bag and hide the bag in the dining room” clean! But as she has done rather frequently lately, Peanut decided to provide fresh material.

So yesterday Peanut decided to rake the leaves in the backyard. Mr. G was not planning to do this because it was supposed to get really windy today, but he figured ok, she’s out of Mrs. G’s hair so therefore he can continue to scream at the TV and both his girls would be happy.  She did a pretty good job too, even though now today’s 50 MPH winds blew all the piles apart.

Bird was moping around because no friends were home and he was “bored.” So he asked if he could go out to rake since Peanut got to yesterday. I tried to tell him it was a waste of time, but he is like Mr. G and will not let anyone persuade him when he decides he needs to do something right this minute! So it was with the response, “Well if that’s really what you want to do right now,” that I started World War III.

Peanut was beyond pissed off that he was out there raking HER leaves. I was thinking, “Well look how cute he is, talking to himself and sticking his tongue out as he works, and he even has the rake in the right direction!” but what I wisely said was, “They’re not your leaves. And he’s content and leaving you alone so why do you care?”

Peanut: I CARE because he’s so ANNOYING!!! He always has to copy me! And you’ll probably tell HIM good job too and that’s not fair!

Me: Would you rather he be in here bugging you to play with him?

Peanut: YES because then he wouldn’t be touching MY leaves that I raked FIRST!!!!!

Me: Huh? Are you really upset by this????

Peanut: YES! You had to go and have a BOY who’s SO ANNOYING!!!!

Oh well of course, I understand completely now. :/

And then she proceeds to go back and forth from the patio door to her room knocking on the windows and yelling at him to leave her leaves alone and reminding me of the crazy old woman in every neighborhood who yells at the kids for walking on her sidewalk or thinking about walking on her sidewalk.

She yelled about this for half an hour! I was busy trying to finish going thru the kitchen clutter before I got frustrated and stuffed it all in a plastic bag to hide in the dining room so wasn’t saying much.

Wish it would look like this for longer than 30 seconds!

Wish it would look like this for longer than 30 seconds!

Then a friend called and asked to play, and I decided to allow this just so Peanut would shut the hell up about Bird! Sometimes it’s not about a consequence for their actions, sometimes you gotta do what’s best for your nerves! So I admit, I do sometimes think about what I want and don’t care that the teachable moment was wasted!

Besides, with her yelling at me I couldn’t think about new places to hide my bags of crap when the dining room spots get full!


2 thoughts on “Even Leaving her Alone is Annoying

  1. Wow, good for you! I have a stack of papers that needs to be filed, plus the box of stuff I didn’t know what to do with when I cleaned off the dining room sideboard.
    Feel free to send Peanut to our house to rake. We have been putting it off. And now we hear it’s going to snow this week.
    We could use the help. And we would not touch her piles. 😉

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