Short Weekends

“My weekends are extremely precious.”
~Mariska Hargitay

So why is it that when the G family is not doing much on the weekends, that they fly by faster than when we are booked full????? I got up at 8:15, took Bird to karate at 10, came home and then decided to go out again to do a few errands, and then I did laundry and played in my scrap room all afternoon. And it’s after 8 PM already!!!!! 😦 So I only have roughly 26 hours until I have to start dreading what awaits me at the job. And those 26 hours will fly by too.

But when we are on vacation and the days are booked from early morning until late night, the days are blissfully slow and Mr. G and I often say, “Oh it’s only Sunday night and we still have 5 full days left!!!!” Sigh.

Who do I talk to about changing the work week to fewer days and the weekend to more????


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