Ruined Cupcakes

“If we really ruined them, we wouldn’t have any.”
~Peanut G.

Today I bought “Christmas confetti” cake mix to make with Peanut and Bird, even though I’m not anywhere near being in the mood for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to do on this gloomy afternoon. But then they started playing Wii and they were actually getting along so I left them alone and thought we would just make the cupcakes after dinner. Now I wish that I had interrupted them. 😦

I’ve been having a problem with my wrists. They ache and I have random weakness where I drop what I’m holding without warning. I’ve already had my wrists examined years ago and they couldn’t determine what was the cause, and I’m about to go for more tests. I don’t have enough symptoms to be carpal tunnel, they are fairly certain of that. It’s becoming extremely frustrating for me, and I just want to know what is wrong with me so I can figure out how to cope with it.

So we made the first 12 without any unusual incident, and I was very careful to take turns with who did what so there would be less argument. Then they were allowed to lick the mixer thingies, because you need an official before taste tester and an after taste tester you know! Mr. G. was grumbling about that but we both did it and we’re ok so why should our kids be deprived of that???

Then they put the second 12 in the muffin pan, and they were just about on the rack when my wrists went weak and I dropped the pan. Most of them went between the oven door and the drawer underneath, but 3 could have been salvaged because they landed up. But what is the point of cooking just 3 cupcakes?

I almost started crying as I cleaned up the mess. I felt awful because Peanut and Bird were so happy to be baking with me, because my body is failing me and causing me stress that it’s something serious, because I didn’t think I needed help to carry a light baking pan, because I can’t get an answer to what is wrong…!

As I tucked them each into bed, I told them I was sorry that most of their effort had been wasted because I dropped the pan. Bird said, “It’s ok Mommy. They tasted good and at least we got 12 so we can all have 3.” Peanut said, “If we really ruined them we wouldn’t have any.” Such simple and selfless answers, yet they made me feel a little better. Especially Peanut, for saying we instead of you.

If only we could keep that ability to always find a positive in what has disappointed us.


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