Working Party

“Party Time! Excellent!”
~Wayne and Garth

I just got back from setting up the firm’s booth at a transportation conference. It’s a pretty big deal with the Department of Transportation and Turnpike folks there, and lots of firms trying to talk to and network with other firms to make good teams for future opportunities. That’s what the attendees tell their bosses to justify going, but in reality it’s a huge party on company time. Plus there’s tons of free crap to acquire! The standard nice pens and sticky note pads, but also really cool things  such as heavy duty work gloves, fake foam rocks (always a hit with Peanut and Bird!), lint brushes, thumb drives, or sticky pads that keep your cellphone from sliding off the dashboard! And that’s just a few things I saw tonight during the icebreaker reception. The REALLY good stuff will be out tomorrow and you can bet I will not come home empty handed!

I don’t drink since I have to drive separately and I’m not allowed to spend the night since “it would cost too much for me and isn’t logical.” Oh I forgot you just spent a few grand to attend this party I mean conference, so yeah another $100 would really hurt the bank! That’s ok, I need my wits about me to figure out my strategy to acquire more than 1 of the best freebies so it’s not too obvious that’s the only reason why I’m visiting the booth!


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