Yes There is One Minus About My Weekend!

I’m enjoying this weekend. It’s a much needed break from my work stress and I’m with people who enjoy my hobby and we’re all having a great time….but with so many people the majority rules with what radio station we listen to. And for some reason the choice is Christmas music. ALL. DAY. ALL NIGHT. I can’t enjoy Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Do we have to rush so much to get to the next holiday? So I’ve been plugged into my MP3 player most of the day. But that’s the thing about scrapbooking…there’s no pressure to talk. You can be in your own world and come out whenever you want to or not at all and no one gets offended.

There are also some who have no problem talking ALL. DAY. ALL. NIGHT. Good thing I have plenty of MP3 battery left to get me thru until I return to real life tomorrow afternoon!


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