Now Peanut is Getting Old

To continue with my theme from yesterday, apparently now Peanut is getting old too. When people ask me how old she is, I always say, “11 going on 25” to reference her mood swings and how she knows everything and I am a complete moron in her opinion.  But now today I think maybe I should start saying “11 going on 75.”

She was in the family room in the back of the house, and I was in my scrap room/office at the front of the house. There were clothes in the dryer, but I could still clearly hear the TV like it was behind me! So apparently she’s going deaf and has to blast the TV even when she’s 2 feet from it.

So I yell at her to turn it down and she says, “Oh sorry, didn’t know it was so loud,” and turns it down 1 notch which doesn’t really do much since our TV’s settings are mute, whisper, yell and scream.

Although now I’m wishing she would turn it up again because Bird learned the Peter Piper tongue twister today. Well kind of learned it. He keeps trying to remember it….!


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