Peanut’s Fun Day

My school district was closed today, and because all available friends and family who would be home today would be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, we didn’t feel right asking anyone to watch Peanut and Bird, and we’re not yet ready to try the whole day home alone thing with her. So we paid the extra money to send him to daycare for the whole day, and I took her to work with me since neither Mr. G or I could take today off. Mr. G said he’d take her after lunch.

So she packed her school backpack from last year with enough stuff to get her thru the Apocalypse and we headed to the job. I got her set up on the laptop and she tried to get on Webkinz but I guess the job network wasn’t accepting that site so she started playing on some other site the school uses. Then I had the brilliant idea of asking her to put away my brochures from the conference since I hadn’t felt like it.

And then suddenly I began to think of other things that need to be done that we are usually too busy to do until the slow week between Christmas and New Year’s, things that I didn’t need to actually help her with once I told her what she needed to do….and she was into it!!!! At lunch time she said, “Mommy, I’m good to stay with you the rest of the day. I’m having FUN!!!!” What? She thinks it’s fun to do our filing and cleaning????? I didn’t really believe this but then my wise friend C said, “Well duh, it’s something different!!!”

So I called Mr. G and told him she’s content and I’m not going to mess that up and lose my helper who’s doing all the cleanup work we hate doing!

Here’s all the stuff she did today at the job:

  1. Put away my brochures.
  2. Looked at all the other brochures and wrote down which ones needed to be reprinted because they were not the most recent versions.
  3. Folded about 50 brochures that I printed.
  4. Organized the conference giveaways and consolidated them to get rid of some of the boxes.
  5. Wrote down what giveaways we have and which are running low.
  6. Put away 1 box of chip clips, 4 boxes of coffee mugs and 1 box of plastic cups that were under our desks.
  7. Put files from 2011 into an archive box.
  8. Moved files from 2012 and 2013 into another cabinet.

Now I’m sure none of that sounds like fun to any of you! But when we left she said, “Thanks Mommy for taking me to your work today! That was so much fun!” I’ve said it before, I don’t care what it is that makes her happy and keeps me in the light of her rare good mood, I’ll take it!


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