I’ll Wait Thanks

We'll never replace you in our hearts!

We’ll never replace you in our hearts!

So unless you live in a cave, you know that today is Black Friday and the day everyone goes crazy to get something on sale that will be on sale again in a week or 2.

Everyone but us Gs! That would be a resounding HELL NO from us. I’m not much of a shopper to begin with, but dragging Peanut and Bird along, yeah I’d rather be in a box covered in spiders and crickets and have to eat 100 of them to get out of the box. Besides most of our peeps get gift cards anyway so no need to go out today!

I did however agree to take them to the SPCA to start looking for “our” cat. 🙂

No traffic over there you see. So I completed my adoption application and we looked for any that were already declawed and older than a kitten but not considered a “senior” cat, which did you know is only 6 years old? Unfortunately we didn’t find any that met the criteria. There were only 3 declawed cats, but 2 couldn’t go to homes with children, and the other was too old. Don’t get me wrong, I personally wouldn’t care because I would love to give an elderly cat a loving home for its last years, but when you have children you try to prevent any undue cause of upset as much as possible. And yes I realize a younger cat could just as easily pass too soon and they would be upset, but that is less likely to happen and is what is best for us.

So I’m waiting until after this weekend to shop, and just a little bit longer for my cat to find me. Maybe I’ll get a crazy discount on scrapbooking stuff AND a cat on the same day, now that would be well worth the wait!


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