Not Really Road Rage

Lately I’ve been telling Crazy Boss and all the other goofballs exactly what I think of them, and “gesturing” at them like crazy.  Oh yeah, it’s on the drive home so that’s why I didn’t get myself fired.

Is it still road rage if I’m driving and venting and gesturing and telling people off if the people I’m talking to are not drivers but work people? I’m not sure. If they really made me crazy I crank up P!nk’s Funhouse album because some of those songs are perfect background music for hating people and telling them off! So I guess if you need music to help your rage it’s not really road rage. Oh well it makes me feel better!

Today was one of those days I was raging. I was told to reinvent the wheel for a proposal and when I said I didn’t have time for that it didn’t go over well and I have a feeling that I’m going to be made to do the ridiculous time waster anyway. So today on the way home I spoke drafted my resignation letter. Oh that day will be the 4th happiest day of my life! (Ok, really much much higher but of course I have to say marrying Mr. G is #1 and having Peanut and Bird were #2 and #3… 😉 That day can’t come soon enough let me tell you!!!

So any drivers near me, I’m not talking to you and I’m not crazy talking to myself. I’m talking to my annoying people who just don’t happen to be with me! Just don’t cut me off, ok?


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