Bad Blogger!

Has it really been a week since I’ve written???? It doesn’t seem like it but I suppose my thinking about writing doesn’t really count if I don’t manage to actually type while I’m thinking.

So I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogger!

Here’s my update:

  1. I’ve been busy trying to get things moving so I can get the heck out of Dodge. I’m applying to physical companies as well as online companies, anything to get my name out there. My client in California referred me to a friend so I’m waiting to see if I’m hired. My first word-of-mouth!
  2. My pain problem seems to be a slight case of carpal tunnel, where fluid builds up in my wrists and makes the tendons a little inflamed. Can’t do much about it except wear my braces when I need to and try to avoid what I know could trigger the weakness and pain. Not the answer I wanted but at least it’s something and I’m not crazy.
  3. It’s not even winter yet and I am sick of snow! We’ve had snow every week since December started and more coming early tomorrow morning! Yay. NOT! The forecast isn’t much but it’s still a pain.
  4. Peanut and Bird are still providing material, I just haven’t really felt like writing about them. Yeah, it’s supposed to be about Peanut isn’t it? Writing is such a weird thing sometimes.

Well Bird needs me to help hang up a wet towel so he can put his pajamas on. Looks like he’s already getting the preteen logic that his sister has because the way he thinks makes no sense to me! Until next time, hopefully not a week from now!


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