There’s Nothing to Eat

Peanut was “lucky” and got to go to the grocery store with me last week. I admit, I like going grocery shopping. Usually it’s our habit to go out for breakfast on Sunday and then we all go…but Peanut and Bird sit in the internet cafe next to the fireplace and play on their ipods while Mr. G and I shop. But if we don’t all go it’s a fight for who gets to go. Sometimes I can escape alone but usually not.

Because Peanut has braces and some food restrictions to keep her braces intact, we had to do some adjusting to the snacks we buy, with less hard, sticky things and more brace friendly things. But typically the things she can’t eat she doesn’t really like that much anyway, except for popcorn and fruit snacks.

So last week she asked for some “different” snacks. Bird will eat Tastykakes during the week and ice cream on the weekends, but Peanut eats different things every day, mostly because we don’t believe in ice cream as a daily snack. Peanut has already told us this makes us the meanest parents ever so I guess that lets the rest of you parents off the hook!

She chose Nutter Butter bites, cheetos, and goldfish crackers. So tonight she comes stomping downstairs and demands her usual 3 scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Which would have been provided had we not gone to the movies today where she ate about a pound of candy and drank a huge soda!

This was met with a huge protest since it is the weekend and therefore she gets ice cream! But since we are the meanest parents ever, we shot that down quick. I suggested Nutter Butter bites….she sighed and said no, she doesn’t want cookies. Then I said cheetos? NO! Goldfish crackers? NO I HATE GOLDFISH CRACKERS!!! Meanwhile Bird is happily devouring his Tastykakes so I mention that to Peanut who then screams, NO I HATE CUPCAKES! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS BUY STUFF FOR BIRD? HE IS SO ANNOYING! THERE’S NEVER ANYTHING TO EAT IN THIS STUPID HOUSE!!!!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask her why she asked me to buy these snacks she now hates because she stomped back to her bedroom so she could slam her door and yell at herself pretending to yell at us telling us how mean we are and she’s starving and we never do anything for her and her braces are stupid.

Well I guess I’ll have to force down the Nutter Butter bites. I wouldn’t want them to be wasted since they’re a little expensive!



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