Let’s Adopt a….Turtle?

Tonight Mr. G proved that he is a very smart man. Of course I suspected this, or I wouldn’t have married him, even if he did propose to me after a great day at Sea World in front of the dolphin tank after I touched a dolphin!

Since Peanut and Bird have been off school for a week now, all routines have flown out the window. Bird needs structure, and therefore has gotten himself into a bit of trouble everyday because he’s “bored.” So today he got sent to his room, and while he was there decided that he would clean off his dresser. Now before you get excited and say well that’s great that he did something without us telling him to, we don’t want them to clean their dressers without us telling them to! You see, if they clean their dressers themselves, it means we will likely have another mouth to feed because they hope I mean expect to have a sleepover.

Bird doesn’t have sleepovers yet with anyone but Mr. G, so I was wondering what else he was expecting when he announced he cleaned his dresser off so that an aquarium would fit and he could have a turtle. Oh. What?!?!! See, another mouth to feed! I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that it would always mean a human mouth!

After a yummy dinner of “hot bachi” (aka hibachi in Bird speak), I suggested we go to the pet store that partners with our local SPCA to look at the cats. Unfortunately, “our” cat wasn’t there so we are continuing to look. 😦 In case you don’t know, cats pick you, you don’t pick a cat.

None of the cats held Bird’s interest anyway since he zoomed right by their cages looking for turtles, so therefore we couldn’t meet the 2nd criteria of we all have to like the cat that picks us, or at least pretend to until the cat can work its magic and take over the reluctant heart. (Not saying any names but it’s not me or anyone younger than me that feels that way, just saying.)

Image courtesty of Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So we look at the turtles, and OF COURSE there’s a couple there looking to buy another turtle and they proceed to tell us how wonderful and fascinating turtles are, especially to boys, so Bird gets excited because you know that’s a sign that we’re getting a turtle. So we look around at all the stuff and talk to the turtle expert….and I’m trying to be the voice of reason and tell Bird that we’re not ready to get a turtle, we don’t know how to take care of them and does he really want something that will still be living with us after he moves out???? If you have never tried to reason with a 7 year old….don’t waste your time. Because he tells me, “Mommy, I cleaned off my dresser and there will be about an inch on each side, and we can feed him lettuce and it’ll be great because I will be able to see him from my bed and I’ll have something to talk about for sharing time!”

Then Mr. G says that we will buy a book about turtles first and see what’s involved in caring for them. And then says, “If I buy you a turtle before Mommy gets her cat, she’s going to stuff me in the tank with the turtle and I’ll be eating turtle food for the rest of my life!”

See, I told you Mr. G was smart!


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