It’s Not Snarky if it’s Funny

People say Peanut looks like me. She didn’t used to, when she was born there was no doubt who her father was! But as she’s gotten older she’s flipped between looking like Mr. G and me, or so I’ve been told. I personally think she looks like Angel Mom. And I would let you decide for yourself if it didn’t mean I would have to post a picture of Peanut and Angel Mom for all the internet pervs and whackos to see. (Of course not talking about any of my readers, at least I hope not. :)) So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I’ve also noticed that now Peanut seems to be acting like Angel Mom and has become very snarky. Angel Mom had an extremely sarcastic sense of humor, and sometimes was rather hilarious. I also have a sarcastic streak about me but I always figured that was just my inner Scorpio using its stinger. But apparently snarkiness comes from genes because Peanut has started saying things that are snarky and hilarious! I don’t think it’s preteen talk when it’s snarky and funny. It’s snarky and mean when it’s preteen talk. Yes I do love the word snarky, why do you ask?

The last time we went grocery shopping, we were in the bulk candy aisle getting mini M&Ms. Peanut was weighing them when a lady says, “OH! Where’d you get those sunflower seeds????” Peanut obviously ignored the lady because she didn’t have sunflower seeds, she had multi-colored mini M&Ms. So lady taps her on the shoulder and asks her again while pointing at the bag Peanut’s holding, and informs us that she’s been looking everywhere for the “colored” sunflower seeds that don’t really look like sunflower seeds. Peanut glances at me out of the corner of her eye and I know she’s thinking, “What????”

But Peanut nicely says, “Oh these are M&Ms but the sunflower seeds are right there.” Lady happily goes to scoop out some sunflower seeds, but they looked normal to me, just sayin’.

As we walk away, Peanut puts the M&Ms in the cart, rolls her eyes and says, “Yeah it was good she asked me because these look SOOO much like sunflower seeds!”

As we cracked up, I know Angel Mom was saying, “That’s my grandaughter, she got her looks and humor from me!!!” No doubt. 🙂


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