Happy New Year Revisited

Here’s my update on my New Year’s Resolutions:  I was going to try to be more patient with my family, exercise with no excuses and also write everyday.

Yeah, that was my plan and it sounded great!

Being patient with my family…I thought I was sober when I wrote that. At least I said I’d try!

Exercise everyday no excuses….I excercised over lunch the day after New Year’s Day, but now with the extreme tundra-like weather conditions of the east coast, there’s no way I’m walking outside any more than I have to, and the treadmill just doesn’t inspire me.  Oops there’s 2 excuses. I’m just lazy with exercise, I admit it. 😦

Write everyday…I haven’t actually written everyday, but I have written, and I have applied for some freelance writing jobs so I don’t think this one is a total fail.

So a partial fail, but we’re only 5 days in, and tomorrow is another chance. So I’ll keep trying to keep my resolutions, that’s all anyone can do right?


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