Email can be Deceiving

Today was a pretty good day for Peanut. Her crush talked to her and her new American Girl Doll that she saved for until she had ALL the money, including shipping arrived today! Which I think I’ve mentioned before that telling Peanut to save the $1.00 in her pocket is a waste of time because any money she owns becomes extremely hot and burns a hole right through her pocket!

So I was very proud of her for being able to learn a small money lesson, and she was so happy talking to her 3 dolls and introducing them to each other, though 1 is a measly “Our Generation” doll so she apparently is low on the totem pole after the 2 American Girl Dolls because I heard Peanut explain to the doll something about “well since you’re a Our Generation doll and even though you came second you are really younger than these 2.” Preteen logic strikes again! 

I really didn’t want to mess up this mood, but I had received an email that disturbed me, and made me doubt Peanut. The email was for an app purchase from 10:30 last night, which is well past Peanut’s bedtime even though lately she’s been fiddling around enough that it’s not entirely impossible that she’s still awake at 10:30. But having iPods in their rooms at night is a definite no-no! And it just so happened that Mr. G caught her “sleepwalking” around 10:30!

So I thought she must have gotten her iPod and snuck some play time and downloaded an app without realizing I get a receipt whether it is free or not. But Mr. G said well he’s sure she didn’t, the iPod was downstairs this morning how did she get it back down, maybe the email was just delayed. WHAT?!?! Everyone knows emails are always instantaneous!

But anyway, I decided to potentially ruin the good mood and ask her about it. Now the thing with Peanut is she can’t lie. She will either have a weird smirk on her face and not look at me or she will randomly blurt it out and not look at me because she can’t handle the guilt. LOL.  

So I started with, “Do you have anything to tell me?” and she looks at me like I have 3 heads and says no. “Are you sure?” Now she’s looking at me like I have 4 heads, and what the heck, she’s still looking at me! So I help her along by asking if she bought an app yesterday. (Mr. G took them to the grocery store and they like to sit in the “cafe” by the fire and play with their iPods) She thinks about it and says, No, I don’t think so. So I tell her that I got an email that someone ordered an app at 10:30 last night, was it her, tell the truth! Now I have 5 heads and she says, “Mommy, it wasn’t me, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Eye contact thru the whole conversation, no smirk, no blurting out anything….she was telling the truth!

And then to make me feel even worse she looks at Bird’s iPod and there is the app in question! That I had downloaded for him on TUESDAY! So for some reason the email took over a day to get to me and yet I was so quick to think the worst before I knew all the facts. And allowed Mr. G to be right again which you must know how much I love that!

So I feel like the worst mom ever. But maybe the email I got from the Prince of Nigeria telling me I am perfect to help him get out of jail and he’ll give me a million dollars for my trouble will help me feel better.


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