A New Addition to the G Family!

Today was a really good day for the G family.

Bird got his orange belt in karate and had his promotion ceremony today. Two belts in a year, that’s pretty darn good and proof that if he settles himself down and focuses on the task at hand he can accomplish a lot!

Peanut is having her birthday sleepover with two friends, and is in full “show off with a bad attitude to impress her friends” mode. Eye roll but she’s not fighting Bird so I’m happy.

KramerAnd my happy news….we made our weekly visit to the SPCA and our cat was there! 🙂 He’s a Norwegian Forest cat (he looks a little like a Maine Coon with his fluffiness), and is 6 years old. I wanted to give an older cat a second chance at a loving home, and we’ve had good luck with our cats living long, happy, and healthy lives. We sat in the visiting room and he rubbed us and headbutted and purred like there was no tomorrow. Of course he put us under his spell immediately and we fell in love so we brought him home!

We took the kids for pizza and Furbaby G was left to explore the basement. We couldn’t find him when we came home because he was wedged behind the shelves and refused to come out, but then a little later when I went down and sat quietly he came running out and began to rub and headbutt and purr again and jumped up next to me on Mr. G’s weight bench and lay on my leg “making breads” and headbutting so hard I’ll probably have a bruise tomorrow.

So now the G house seems like a home again, and the hole in my heart from losing the 2 furbabies I’ve had since I met Mr. G has been filled. There’s plenty of room in my heart to love this new cat and my angel cats. For all I know they sent him to me.


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