Wonder if I’ll Have to Guess My Salary Too?

I had an interesting email today. It said there is a marketing position open for me if I’m still available, I just need to go talk to the sender Monday thru Friday from 8 to 11 or 1 to 3.

Well, things have gotten slightly better with Crazy Boss but I still think I’m ready for a change, so yeah I’m open to any opportunities that might open that door for me.

Problem is, there was no phone number, no email other than the “fake” email from Indeed.com, no firm name and no address! All I had was the emailer’s name! I haven’t actively looked for a job for nearly six years, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have to randomly go around to all the firms in my city that would have a Marketing staff and knock on their doors asking if the firm sent out any cryptic emails and if so I was their person!

So first I thought it was probably spam. But then I thought, well it came from Indeed. Maybe it was just an oversight. It had my current position listed! So even though I know better, I replied thanks for your interest, could you give me a firm name and address? Of course I never heard anything else so my laptop is probably infected with all kinds of stuff now.

If I have to guess my salary I’m going with six figures. They clearly think I’m worth it!

1/25/14 update: Turns out it wasn’t spam! It was from a temp agency and she thought she provided the information. Still going to pass though. I’m trying to get on a path to my passion which does not involve copy/pasting proposals anymore. Wish me luck….an opportunity has come up that sounds amazing and after a contact at the firm showed my LinkedIn profile to her boss I was told to definitely send my resume in. 🙂


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