What’s Not to Love Silly Humans!

You may commence worship.

You may commence worship.

It’s been a week since Furbaby G came home, but it didn’t take that long for the entire G family to become completely smitten with him.

Everything our Google research found seems to be true. Norwegian Forest cats adapt to change very quickly, and he struts around like we’ve been his slaves humans for years. He does not seem bothered in the least by the noise of Bird and Peanut arguing over who gets to cuddle with him next.

They like to perch in high places, which as you can see he’s perched on the arm of the couch, which oddly was Angel Cat #2’s favorite place too. He also likes to lay on the 2nd floor landing and meow at us as he looks down on us. Perhaps he’s saying, bring me some tuna my minions!

They love to run….for some reason after he eats he zooms upstairs like he’s on fire. Tonight he came running upstairs after me, and skipped at least 2 steps with every stride! I have never seen a cat do that.

They are extremely affectionate….he will lay on anyone’s lap, but especially loves to lay on mine with his head on my wrist when I’m on the laptop. Kinda makes it hard to type but I usually sacrifice. 😛

They are also very smart…he actually tried to open a closed door by getting up on his back feet and putting his paws around the door knob!

With our Angel Cats, #1 was “mine” and #2 was “Mr. G’s.” As to who Furbaby G belongs to…that’s really hard to say because he seems to be an equal opportunity lover. Or maybe it just seems that way because he’s trained us all to give him treats for various reasons. At least he seems to love his new slaves family as much as we worship love him!

Anyone else owned by a Wegie? Please share about your furbabies!



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