Bird or Mouse, Just Wiggle One Around Already!

If you’ve been paying attention, you might remember that I mentioned we brought Furbaby G home 2 weeks ago and it was about half a second until we were all head over heels for this cat! He is truly like no other cat we’ve ever had.

But it hasn’t all been unicorns and rainbows. No no, he hasn’t gotten into anything or done anything he shouldn’t other than stand on his back feet at the kitchen table to try and snatch our dinner out from under us, and learned that Mr. G now has a squirt bottle ready to fire to stop that habit. Though really I can’t think of a single thing that would make me give him up, because he is just so stinking CUTE and AWESOME and makes our house a home again. 🙂

No, the problem comes from the main subject of this blog and her brother who now are fighting over who gets to play with Furbaby G and with what, and for how long before the other gets a chance because it’s not fair that they had to wait 2 seconds to fuss over him.

Bird appropriately likes to have Furbaby G play with the feathers on a stick that drives most cats crazy because they think a real bird is flopping around in front of them! Peanut prefers to have him play with a catnip mouse, which drives cats crazy because the mouse looks ridiculous but makes them feel good! And it is strictly forbidden for Bird to try and entice the cat away from Peanut with the feathers, although of course it is completely acceptable for her to use the mouse to get the cat away from Bird.

Who did I play with a minute ago?

Who did I play with a minute ago?

I really never thought I would ever say, “You know, we’re going to have this cat for years and years, there is plenty of time in those years for both of you to play with him, and in equal durations over the long-term!” Which of course they weren’t listening to me because 1. I used a big word at least one of them hasn’t heard yet so therefore I must be lecturing, and 2. because they are each waving their hands around to make their toys move in a lifelike manner hoping to interest Furbaby G. But unfortunately for them it was a fish that drew his interest…the bag of Ocean Fish and Crab flavored snacks that Mr. G was shaking!

But don’t worry, they fight over who gets to give him a treat too but that’s a blog for another day! 🙂


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