Go USA!!

I don’t like to watch sports unless it’s the Baltimore Orioles, Hershey Bears (local hockey team), my nephew’s basketball team or the Olympics. Come on, you gotta watch the Olympics even if you’re not a sports fan! I think it’s awesome they switched them so that every two years we have a summer or winter Games.

Shaun White just did some crazy stuff on the Half pipe! And then I watched a beautiful pairs skating program by Canadian skaters. They’re all such amazing athletes and making it look so easy! There’s a luger who’s from a town not too far from me so that’s pretty cool, though she’s young and not expected to be anywhere near a medal, but will still have our support!

The only thing I don’t like is the time difference and the near impossibility of getting through the day without seeing or hearing results! Every once in a while the news will say don’t listen for a minute, but most times we hear it before we realize it so it kind of ruins it when we are finally able to watch. But still we watch, or at least the G family does, though Peanut isn’t as happy to lose control of the TV. But I think she figures that at least Bird doesn’t have control either so it’s not quite so unfair.


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