Which Answer Will Give Me the Job?

Sorry my peeps, I’ve been neglecting you and haven’t written much. I haven’t applied for any writing jobs in about a week either! An unexpected opportunity for a better full-time job presented itself, and I’ve been focusing all my energy on that.

I saw the ad last Sunday morning, applied Sunday afternoon, got a call for an interview Monday morning, interviewed Wednesday morning, got a call for a 2nd interview Thursday morning, and had the 2nd interview this morning! Follow that? 😛

So an interesting part of their selection process is a personality test to see where people would best fit in the organization. I’ve never seen this in my 20 years of working! I didn’t have time to complete it during the interview today so I was allowed to take it home to finish it. And now I am completely stressed out by it! 😦 There were 5 sections with feeling questions or logic problems. For the feeling questions I had to choose among 4 random phrases and decide which one was most definitely me and which was not at all me, or state whether I agreed 100%, disagreed 100% or was kind of meh. One section had all the previous statements reversed to try to trick me into answering differently. Then the logic problems were “what number comes next in the sequence” or “if I say tomato you say what” kind of thing which I feel like I kicked butt on for most of them.

So not only did I have awful flashbacks of taking the SAT with all the million circles I had to carefully color in with black ink, but I sometimes couldn’t decide which ONE of the 4 best fit or didn’t and I was paranoid that I said yes I am always willing to change my ways the first time and I don’t adapt to change easily the next time! Supposedly there’s no right or wrong answer but can you give me a little hint as to what answer will increase my chances that you will pick me instead of the other people you’re considering????

I know most people don’t test well and this is only a small part of what they will use to evaluate me. They said I have the experience and I feel like I made a good impression without answering too many questions in a stupid manner! But I just don’t like the uncertainty of evaluating myself without the opportunity to explain why I answered, or why I changed my answer without meaning to. Am I not really paying attention to details? Am I too moody? Will I put your stapler in Jell-O if you change your mind too many times and irritate me too much?

And don’t even ask if all the circles were fully colored in and stayed within the circle! I did at least use black ink as instructed so at least I can follow some directions!


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