Why Do I Care?

So I have 2 opportunities that would each take my career in a slightly different direction which is what I want. It’s the perfect time for me which is what I need, but it’s not the perfect time for anyone else. (I’m not talking about Mr. G as he is fully behind this.)

So the problem is why am I so hung up on the timing? I know it’s everyone for themselves and I have to look out for #1 and I am no one else’s #1. I know others would jump and not look back or care about what lies behind them since it’s not their problem anymore, but I just can’t stop stressing over this decision, no not the decision but the potential fallout and what I am leaving.

And that’s messed up because I am miserable and it was made my problem when I asked for help and everyday I receive more tasks that can never get done and I have no sense of pride or accomplishment anymore. So now I have the chance to be happy and excited about my career again and I feel guilty for it! I just don’t understand that.

Anyone else with similar feelings? 😦


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