Call Me – Definitely!

I’m waiting for a phone call, or an email, but I think I want the phone call. Email in this case will likely mean thanks but no thanks so there’s no awkward talking to me in person and delivering bad news. It’s kinda like back in the day when you were waiting for the college responses….a thin envelope meant yeah no way you will attend our school ever in a million years but a thick envelope meant yes they want you and here’s all the good stuff about what’s to eat on campus and the social life and maps to everywhere on campus that you’ll need when you accept.

So of course I spent a lot of time today checking my phone to make sure that it was turned on, that I didn’t have a missed call because I went to the bathroom, that I didn’t miss the “Ding” of an incoming message when the printer was running. Everything was as it should be and then the phone rang! Oh yeah it’s my acceptance 🙂 No…Mr. G. Can’t talk now bye! Then I got an email! Oh, it’s my rejection…sigh of relief it’s only baseball assessments next Saturday for Bird.

So tomorrow, I only want to talk to one person! Don’t anyone else call me! Unless I call you and ask you to call me back so I can make sure my phone is working.


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