I Thought He Forgot!

So before Furbaby G joined our family, I wrote about how Bird wanted a turtle and how Mr. G wisely decided not to grant this wish before I got my cat.

So Furbaby G has wedged himself firmly in our hearts and has already trained Bird to play with him on demand. He will sit and stare at Bird and then Bird will grab a string or peacock feather and run around with him for several minutes.

So with all this I thought that Bird was satisfied with a cat as a pet and had forgotten about getting a turtle. Good thing no one bet me that he hadn’t!

Last week I took Bird to daycare so sick Mr. G could get a little more sleep and he blurts out, “which takes more care Mommy….a turtle or a bunny?” So quick thinker that I am said, “Oh well they BOTH take a LOT of care!” Surprisingly he let it drop but I’m sure that little engineer’s mind is going full-speed trying to figure out which one actually does require more care so he can be justified in asking for the other. Sigh. We’re screwed.




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