The Card Thief

I made business cards as my online research suggested I do to let people know I provide freelance writing services, and put them on the community bulletin board at the grocery store, frozen yogurt stores, Panera Bread, and even Peanut’s orthodontist’s office.

Whenever I get to any of these places (grocery store is weekly, the others about once a month) I always check the card supply and they are always gone! But I’m not getting any calls or emails from new clients so I’m not sure what’s happening. 😦 It’s not like my town has 100 freelance writers who are removing each others’ cards so there’s no competition! So what’s happening to them? Are they falling down and getting swept up for the trash, or are people taking them and then losing them before they can contact me? Are people just taking them because they look pretty or is someone just removing them as a prank? Where are all my cards?????

Maybe they really should say don't steal me!

Maybe they really should say don’t steal me!

It’s very curious, and makes me wonder if it’s worth it to replace them or just market myself another way. It’s not like it’s a huge effort to print them and put them up, and only costs pennies for the ink I use, but it’s still frustrating me! Perhaps they are all with the single socks that the dryer steals. 😦


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