But Of Course She’s Mad at Me

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a story about Peanut. In fact she hasn’t even asked me what I’ve blogged about or read any of it in a long time. Oh well it’s only about her, not for her so what do I care!

So tonight I was looking for a list of photos I need to order for my scrapbooks. I like to wait until I find a “buy 25 get 25 free” or “get 100 prints for $10 including shipping” type of deals. I love lists! And this one in particular is like my Bible!

The last time I saw the list it was on the computer desk because surprise, I had just ordered some pictures! Peanut had been making thank you cards at the computer desk and had moved things around so I thought she might have put it somewhere.

She had volleyball tonight so I texted Mr. G to ask him to ask her if she knew where it was and she replied she had no idea.

So she comes home and stomps upstairs yelling that she’s sick of being blamed for everything and it was probably Bird or Daddy who moved it anyway! I asked what’s the matter and she rolled her eyes and said, “First of all why did you text DADDY in the middle of my game couldn’t you wait?!” I said, “No I wanted to order some pictures and didn’t want to wait until 9 when you got home because then I’d be too tired to fiddle with it.” She informed me that he interrupted the game and that it wasn’t his business anyway. (Aka asked her in front of friend we carpool with even though it’s perfectly ok for her to be hateful to us to show off, and no neither of us interrupted the game!)

So she’s mad because I texted her thru Daddy, and “blamed” her for misplacing it, and because Daddy asked her to look for it tomorrow after school even though it’s mine. Oh and don’t forget to throw in something about Bird…how about he probably threw it away and I saw him but of course I blame her because I hate her and LOVE him. Does that sound like my other Peanut blogs? 😛

And we haven’t hit the teens or full-blown puberty yet. Yay I can hardly wait. :/ Can I be like Lily on “How I Met Your Mother” and have a Linus who will give me a drink every time he sees my glass is empty? I will need it!!


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