She Didn’t Listen but This Time it Turned Out Ok

Talking to Peanut lately is like poking a hornet’s nest…generally not a good idea and painful. Try and talk to her about something important….100 times worse! Though sometimes she does listen and does the right thing, like the day she got lost from us at the beach and remembered us telling her to find a person of authority and stay with the person and we’ll find her, and she went to a lifeguard and waited for us to find her. Second worst day of my life but it ended well and I was so proud that she had listened!

Today, not a proud day at all. I am extremely grateful that her angels were watching over her and keeping her safe in spite of herself.

When she got off the bus she saw a strange car parked in front of our house with a man inside. So she continues to walk toward our house. He then got out of the car so she walked in the grass to be a little farther away, but continued toward the garage. He asked her if her parents would be home soon and she said yes. Then she keyed in the code for the garage door and started to go in the garage and he started walking towards her! Then he said he was with the Census department and left a packet for us under the doormat (which was true) and that we needed to call him to take an important survey about our health and choice of vaccines. Then he left.

Obviously she told Mr. G about this, and he proceeded to “lecture her” (her words) about what she should have done and she gets it and she’s not stupid and the situation didn’t feel bad or weird to her so what’s the big deal? So when I got home Mr. G told me and I tried to talk to her and say the same that Mr. G said and received an extremely nasty glare, eye roll and attitude because all I ever do is lecture her 5 million times a day.

You know it’s bad when you have to say to your child, would you rather hear a lecture numerous times or be dead? ūüė¶ Then I said to her for the millionth time that I would give 10 years of my life to have 10 more minutes with my mother, and I would not care if she spent 9 of those minutes lecturing me, at least she still has a mother that is able to love her and care for her and keep her safe.

I called the number on the brochure, and got the office I was supposed to, but it was after hours and so I don’t know if this guy really works there or if it’s a dummy voicemail or what and will look into it tomorrow. But the world is so scary and dark now, and I worry about our children. Our as in the world’s,¬†not just mine and Mr. G’s.¬†This morning on the Today Show there was a segment about how easy it was for a “reality show” crew to get college kids to sit in a stranger’s van and give their cell phones to the “director”, ¬†just for the chance to be famous! And most of them admitted that they knew better but they just didn’t think about it. Of the 8 students they talked to, 4 got in the car! Two even made jokes about the director driving off and what they would do! That’s scary.

So yeah Peanut, I’m going to keep lecturing you and hope that enough of what I say sinks in so you can keep yourself safe and I don’t have to live without you. I don’t want to live without you.


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