Perfect Ending

Yesterday I had a busy, high stress day, but in a good way. I can’t go into any more details because I’m being superstitious and mysterious. 🙂

So Peanut had gotten in trouble with grumpy Mr. G, and was in her room being sad and mopey. I asked if she’d like to cuddle and watch the Long Island Medium with me. Surprisingly she said yes which if you’ve been paying attention she doesn’t want to be with me much, but would probably love to to be with me more if I said we were taking Bird far far away and leaving him there.

Anyway, about 10 minutes in there was a story that made me cry, which happens at least once every show. As I got up to get a tissue I looked at Peanut who had a few tears of her own forming. She looked at me and we both cracked up as she said, “You’d better bring the box!”

Yep, crying and laughing with my girl was the perfect ending to my day. And I didn’t have to sacrifice my second born to get it!


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