I’ve Been Asking the Magic 8-Ball


Image courtesy of ArtJSan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As you all know, I’m a child of the 80s and, stating the obvious now, I had a Magic 8 ball. How many times I asked it whether the boy I liked liked me too or if I would marry a millionaire! Most of the time I would ask the question in as many different ways as I needed to to get the right answer. Didn’t everyone????

Somewhere along the way my Magic 8 ball got lost. 😦 But then imagine my surprise and happiness when I found an app for that!

For awhile Bird would use it to ask standard 8 year old stuff like will he get a turtle or will he learn to burp his ABC’s. I didn’t really use it that much until I met my dream job. Now I ask it every day if I’m going to get the job and if I’ll hear something soon. Most of the time some variation of yes comes up and I’m hopeful and happy. But when I get a no then I get anxious and sad and ask it again. I know it’s just for entertainment and doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t know how to predict the future. Yet it still draws me in like it did when I was a teenager!

There’s a Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick find a magic conch shell when they get lost and they worship it and are rewarded with supplies falling out of an airplane.Then Squidward makes fun of them and the shell and has bad luck because he doesn’t listen to their warnings to believe in the magic conch shell. Magic 8 ball I am Spongebob! I believe in you! I’ll never delete you! Please reward me and tell me my happy future and then make it come true!!!!

Will I stop obsessing about this? Reply hazy, ask again later!


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