Finally Summer Vacation

Back in January and February in the midst of the never ending PA snow, I thought all the extra days we were piling up would take us to July before the kids got out of school! But somehow with shortened long weekends and the built-in makeup days, we ended school on Friday June 6, which was only 2 days later than originally scheduled!

So we’re 2 days in….and I’ve already heard “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do” about 100 times. Of course all the friends are away so that makes life even more boring. Um….hello! you can sleep, watch tv, sleep, play, or sleep! Sounds pretty busy and fun to me! But apparently my idea of fun does not meet theirs, so it will be a long summer I think! Wonder if anyone would notice if I sent Peanut to work for me and I stayed home and enjoyed her summer vacation?


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