That’s Why Making the Bed is Easy

Peanut and Bird do not like to change their sheets and would keep them on for 100 years if they could. Too bad they would make it in the Guiness Book of World Records but wouldn’t be alive to know it!

Unfortunately they are both in a phase where they hang on every word Mr. G says and ignore me so I have to tell him to tell them to do something! So today Mr. G said they would not be allowed to play Wii until after they changed their sheets. After a little protesting Peanut did hers, but Bird has been wandering around and complaining because you know that makes things do themselves, and much quicker than if he would just do what he was told to do when he was told to do it.

Bird: No thank you I don’t want to change my sheets.

Me: I don’t recall asking if you wanted to change them. You need to change them.

Bird: I’m only 8. Plus it’s 7:30 now, I usually start at 12 it takes me all day.

Me: You are old enough to change your sheets. Someone can help you tuck them in and it does not take all day, even if you have a really big bed.

Bird: You’re treating me like I’m 20. Besides, you don’t have any stuffies on your bed so it’s way easier for you to make your bed!

Never thought of it like that, I guess he has a point there. But he still has to change them.


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