I’m Still Alive

Life in the Office has been bad lately, to put it mildly. Unfortunately it has also sapped my energy and made me so unhappy I couldn’t even write, or I felt that it would help me to write but no one would want to read it. But then not writing made me even more unhappy.

So what changed? It was something as simple as a 6 item to-do list that broke my funk. I used to write down a few things that I wanted to work on the next day. I didn’t have to finish them, but if I worked on them for at least a half hour then they get crossed off the list. I haven’t been able to do this lately because I plan my day and then I get pulled away from my tasks to do other tasks that are someone else’s high priority so I haven’t been bothering to plan.

But today my boss was away so I planned what I wanted to do…just 6 things: 2 deadlines and 4 tasks that were just regular database/email maintenance things. And I crossed ALL 6 things off my list! It doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it was so nice to have full control again and motivation to do these tasks that I haven’t been able to get to, for as long as I wanted to and actually feel like I accomplished something. I don’t remember when I last crossed off my entire list. I needed to feel that sense of accomplishment. As little as the tasks were, they were all mine on my schedule! 🙂

Tomorrow will be back to normal, but I’m not going to let the Office take all my joy anymore. I’ll just make shorter to-do lists, that still counts as writing if they’re on paper right? 🙂


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