If You Haven’t Bought the Stock It’s Too Late Now

So if you have children you know that sometimes they will announce they no longer like a certain food. Sometimes this now offending food will be something that they would have wanted with them on a deserted island because that is all they were willing to eat for every meal, and you just figure it’s about time they’re sick of it. Then sometimes they announce they hate a certain food and have never liked it even if they did really. Sometimes they didn’t even try it, they just put the very tippy tip of their tongue against it and hate it for the slight taste/texture they received. But then somehow they are forced to take an actual bite, chew and swallow and KAPOW it’s their new favorite food.

Peanut and Bird didn’t like soft taco shells after putting the tippy tip of their tongues against it. She said the texture was weird and he said it just wasn’t what he was hungry for ever in his life. So one day Mr. G said, “You know what, let’s get a taco kit that has hard AND soft shells in it for something different.” Ok whatever, easy meal. It is our rule that they have to actually take a bite to try it, and if they don’t like it, that’s fine but they can only have a bowl of cereal or leftovers we won’t make them their own meal. So on soft taco day Peanut didn’t feel like following this rule and wasn’t getting much response when she complained about the lack of edible food in the house, and Bird decided to just peel the soft taco to eat it.


The tortilla became their new desert island food. So now, almost every day they eat dinner, and lunch on weekends, in a soft tortilla, making everything a burrito. Now Peanut has gone a step further and adds instant rice to all her burritos, even if it’s breakfast for dinner night. I don’t fight her on it, at least she’s eating, but I think that sounds disgusting and Bird agrees with me. Which is surprising because I could probably wrap worms in them and Bird would think that sounded delicious since he is a boy and 8, and when he’s not eating burritos he is talking about all the disgusting things he can imagine being a boy and 8.

So now I am buying a lot of soft tortillas, which is why we all really should have seen this coming and bought the stock. Give me a month and then send me recipes to use up all the tortillas they no longer want to eat because they hate them and never liked them in their whole lives.


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