Miss You Monday – 12/1/14

Dear Mom,

Thank you for showing me that you’re still with me when I needed it most.

Last Tuesday I lost my purple bracelet. I have become a fan of purple since you’ve been gone but only have one purple bracelet.

I tore my house and car apart. I sent an email around the office asking if anyone found it. Then I realized I was also at school and karate class and could have lost it anywhere.

That sucked but what could I do about it? So I half jokingly asked you to help me find it and then got over the loss with a mental note to check my bracelets more often throughout the day.

So today it was warm then cold then rainy and it was hard to get back in the groove after being off five days. I noticed it was pitch black at 4:40. I haven’t been able to find any legitimate opportunities and I’m just tired and burnt out and unhappy.

So as I was opening my car door I happened to look down and saw something shiny. My bracelet!

Thanks Mom. Still miss you though.


One thought on “Miss You Monday – 12/1/14

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